Tell Major Burger Chains: Follow McDonald's Lead and Hold the Antibiotics

Roughly 70% of medically important antibiotics sold in the U.S. are for livestock and poultry. These antibiotics are often given to animals that aren't sick, breeding superbugs that can infect people with illnesses that today's medicine might not be able to cure.

After running a yearlong campaign that demonstrated support from consumers and the medical community, we helped convince McDonald's, the largest beef buyer in the United States, to monitor and reduce the use of medically important antibiotics in its beef supply chain.

But there's more work to do. Other burger chains should take notice and follow McDonald's lead in reducing the amount of medically important antibiotics used to raise the beef they buy. The surest way to get Wendy's, Burger King, and other major burger chains to take significant action is to demonstrate just how much support there is for change and how big of an impact this could have on this growing public health threat.

Will you tell other burger chains to hold the antibiotics?